Co-Packing: Why Ricardo Food Group?

Once you & your broker have selected a co-packer you are interested in working with, next come the negotiations over putting a contract into place. Never begin co-packing without a contract! In this part of the process, there is no way around getting professional legal help and advice. A good contract will protect you and the co-packer in an amicable way. Your sourcing broker will ensure you have protections and solutions to ensure your product is being produced to your specifications and that you have an opportunity for legal recourse if something happens to go wrong.

During the process of this contract negotiating you and your co-packer should begin to discuss specifics such as quality indicators. It's essential to provide your co-packer with clear guidance and expectations for your finished product and how that will be measured. Your contract should protect you from paying for a product that is not produced to your standards. Nothing is more important than communicating with your co-packer to ensure you are on the same page and both understand every aspect of the product that you wish to produce.

The growth of Co Packing, especially for beverage, food & bakery items, has made Ricardo Food Group one of the fastest growing co packing sourcing firms in the industry. With increasing demand from small and large companies. Ricardo Food Group has shown extraordinary growth whiles maintaining its strict quality standards and proven reliability.

Ricardo Food Group has formed alliances with 324 US base food & bakery manufacturing facilities.

Industries We Serve & Services We Provide:

Bakery & Food Companies • Large & Small Businesses • Product Line Extensions • Commissary Facilities • Manufacturing to Manufacturers • Downsizing Facilities • Relocating Company Volumes • Farmers' Markets • Beverages & Condiment Companies • Emergency Product Volume Relocation • Retail / Commercial Bakery & Food Products • Aseptic Co-Packing • High Pressure Processing (HPP) • Cruise Ship Lines & Airlines • Gift Basket Companies • HSN & QVC (TV) Clients • Shark Tank (TV) Entrepreneurs • The Profit (TV) Entrepreneurs • E-commerce Snack Companies.
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