At RFG, we look at your project through the eyes of more than 30 years of manufacturing "know how". Having placed hundreds of companies with contract manufacturers we have a profound understanding of the criteria necessary to bring your project in on-time, on-budget and with absolutely no compromise to the quality standards you have set for your products.

Our relationship with our resources lies at the core of our ability to service our clients' needs. With an active portfolio of over 300 U.S. based facilities at our fingertips, we can satisfy your needs to the smallest detail. And, often we can find cost-saving or value-added benefits you may have not considered.

Ricardo Food Group is an advisory firm made up of Manufacturing and Production Expert Consultants in the food, bakery and beverage industry. RFG serves as consultants to businesses regarding partnerships, investors, mergers, performance base equity and acquisitions, leveraged and management buyouts, debt restructuring, capital firm investments, entrepreneur’s investment, and commercial bank investments.
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